Welcome to the second annual installment of io9's Halloween costume show - featuring you in your weirdest, awesomest, kickassest, hottest, monsteriest duds ever. Put your pictures in our Flickr pool and every week we'll post some of the best.

The image you see here is from Miss Fawn (with additional effects by Jim Brey), who posted her picture in our Halloween pool last year. You can enter any picture of yourself, or yourself with friends, as long as you are in some kind of Halloween costume. Do NOT enter pictures of other people.


Be the first to post your picture in io9's 2009 Halloween Costume Show pool here, on Flickr. Yes, you have to create a Flickr account to play, but it's free! You can see pictures from the 2008 costume show here. Alright - let's see your stuff! Next week we'll post our first round of cool shots.

io9 Halloween Costume Show 2009 via Flickr