Let the Cast of The Domestics Welcome You to the Apocalypse in This Exclusive Featurette

Nothing says the post apocalypse quite like hanging out splattered with blood.
Nothing says the post apocalypse quite like hanging out splattered with blood.
Image: MGM/Orion Classics

The post-apocalypse tends to suck. After all, it is about the sudden and often disastrous decline of everything civilization currently is. But what if you suddenly found yourself having to ride out the end of the world with people you’d already started to drift apart from before everything went to hell?

That’s the premise of The Domestics, the first release from MGM’s relaunch of Orion Classics, and io9 is happy to exclusively debut this brief featurette introducing people to the world of the movie. Starring Supergirl’s Tyler Hoechlin and Superman ReturnsKate Bosworth (yes, it’s kinda sorta technically Superman and Lois Lane!), Domestics is set in the early months after a mysterious apocalyptic event brings America to its knees, and focuses on married couple Nina and Mark.

Except even before everything went to hell, not all was well with the couple—and they were actually in the process of going through a divorce. Now finding themselves thrust together again by the end of the world, they have to trek across gang-owned America to survive.


It’s an interesting premise for a post-apocalyptic movie, plus, is that a giant truck with an American Flag plow? Sign us the hell up.

The Domestics hits select theaters June 28, ahead of a wide video on demand release on June 29.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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How contentious is their divorce?  Are we talking Kramer vs Kramer, War of the Roses or something more amicable?