The eponymous bad guy of 1966 Italian exploitation flick The Embalmer has the best mad scientist pervert speech I have ever heard. He's explaining how he "preserves" the beautiful ladies of Venice, and gets a little foot fetish action too.

The Embalmer is a classic drive-in movie, complete with long, boring sequences where you're supposed to be making out with your hot boyfriend while the soon-to-be-slaughtered characters inexplicably watch an Elvis-looking dude croon in Italian. The plot is easy to follow in between learning to French kiss. There's a guy who dresses like a monk or a nun or something, and he pants a lot. There's another guy in a scuba suit who abducts ladies and whooshes them through a hidden passageway under the canals to the lair of the first guy.


And then there's the handsome journalist who is trying to solve the murders while simultaneously hanging out with a horde of hotties who say things like "Wow Venice is so complicated!" Apparently the journalist and the killer are drawing from the same hottie pool, because eventually one of the ladies goes from a nightclub with the journalist to the embalming table that you see in this THRILLING scene. This is one of those movies where eventually you are going to want to write the word thrilling in all caps.

There is just something so randomly and unnecessarily pervy in this scene. I love how the bad guy first cackles over his "serum" and then runs his hands lingeringly over his new corpse lady - particularly her feet. Necrofoot fetish anyone?


The Embalmer via IMDB

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