Let Dark Shadows take over your life: Get all 1,225 original episodes in one gargantuan boxset

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Tim Burton's Dark Shadows movie has naturally rekindled interested in the cult classic supernatural soap opera...but I didn't think it had generated this much interest. If you've got $600 to spare, you can buy the entire original series on DVD.

MPI has announced they are releasing all 1,225 in a single set spread over 131 discs. While all the episodes have been released previously either on VHS or DVD, this is - as you might imagine - the first time they've all been put together in a single set. The set will be released on May 8, just three days before Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's update opens. As such, if you want to get completely caught up on the original show before checking out the movie, you'll want to get cracking - assuming you don't need to sleep or work, it'll still take about 19 days to watch all 1,225 22-minute episodes in a row. Only 2,500 copies are due to be made, though MPI is also releasing "Fan Favorites" and "The Best of Barnabas", both for $15 each, for those whose interest in Dark Shadows is slightly less bonkers.

In case you're wondering, this still isn't even close to the biggest DVD boxset ever. My totally non-exhaustive search already revealed this set for Prisoner: Cell Block H, which was an Australian soap opera about life in a women's prison. The set advertises itself as the "Largest Box Set on Earth" and features all 692 hour-long episodes - equivalent to about 1,384 Dark Shadows episodes - across 174 discs. If anyone knows of any challengers to that mark, I'd love to hear them. (Also, this show was originally just called Prisoner before the British broadcaster ATV sued on the grounds they had already made a well-known show with basically the same title. My main takeaway there is what I wouldn't give to live in the universe with 692 episode of Patrick McGoohan's The Prisoner.)


You know, I never thought anything could make my Doctor Who DVD collection feel hideously adequate. And yet here we are.

Via MPI.

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That's gonna be one mother of a torrent.

Wait did I say torrent? I meant currant. Like currant bun.

EDIT: Added proof. Phew.