Let China Miéville Plan Your Week in Weird Entertainment

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Now that the wonderfully weird author China Miéville has a new book out—with another one coming later this year!—he’s doing some press. And there’s a feature in the Guardian where he recommends some things he’s been watching, reading, and listening to lately.


These include Crumbs, a post-apocalyptic film in which “a dilapidated spaceship hangs above an Ethiopia of ghost towns, discarded tat, peculiar Nazis and a combative Santa Claus;” Satellites by Caitlín Doherty, a book of poetry about the Space Race and Laika the first dog in space; and Animal Money by Michael Cisco, a weird novel about sentient cash. Pictured above: Spící by the Czech surrealist artist Toyen, whose art Miéville recommends jetting to Prague to check out. (Probably too late, alas.)

Read all of Miéville’s recommendations, and plan yourself a weirdly entertaing week, over at the Guardian.


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So I think he is a good author. But his schtick seems to be “how much more weird can I make this for the sake of being weird”.

Which I’d like to see him dial back a bit. Because I think he’s a good author just in terms of pushing words around and doesn’t need a schtick. After a while I stopped reading him.

This makes me less than interested in his recommendations because I think I would get more of the same. Weirdness pushed for it’s own sake; almost a “look at me!”.

Then again, I’ve been in a grumpy mood today. Maybe it’s just me.