Adam "Batman" West chauffeurs wannabe superhero Ed Gruberman to a superhero halfway house, in this exclusive clip from Super Capers, which opens Friday on 80 screens. Can you imagine West starring in Dark Knight Returns?

Here's the official synopsis of Super Capers:

A wannabe superhero joins a team of bumbling heroes-in-training on a time traveling mission to thwart an evil plot in this high-flying comedy featuring Clint Howard, Adam West, Tom Sizemore, and Doug Jones. Ed Gruberman (Justin Whalin) may not possess any actual super-powers, though his passion for fighting crime rivals that of even the greatest comic book do-gooders. When Ed becomes a member of The Super Capers, an oddball team of aspiring superheroes, it seems as if his dream of fighting crime for real is about to come true. Upon discovering evidence of an evil plot involving gold bullion, an alluring femme fatale, and a powerful criminal mastermind, Ed travels back in time to prevent a disaster the likes of which the world has never seen.


We'll have an interview with writer/director Ray Griggs, tomorrow or Friday. [IMDB]

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