Leslie Jones Is No Fan of the New Ghostbusters Movie

The stars of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot.
The stars of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot.
Image: Columbia Pictures

Recently, it was announced that Jason Reitman will be helming a new Ghostbusters project, slated for next year. The project, skipping over the Paul Feige 2016 all-lady reboot entirely, will function as a continuation of the narrative of the original two movies from the 1980s. And Leslie Jones, one of those lady cast members from the 2016 version, is not impressed by the snub.


In a blistering tweet, Jones took full advantage of her 280 characters yesterday to call the new movie “like something trump would do,” aligning the film with a sexist urge to erase the most recent film.


It seems like, whatever Reitman’s precise plans are, Feig’s cast was not consulted. In response, so far neither Reitman nor the other cast members have commented.

As for who will star in the new Ghostbusters, it’s not clear. A cast reunion? Literal children? Who can say. But there are four great stars being left on the table. And at least one of them is pretty pissed about it.

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That Ghostbusters reboot was baaaddddd.

Sorry Leslie- the problem here is Paul Feig’s movie not sexism