Lesley Livingston's Female Gladiator Novel The Valiant Is Heading To the CW

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The CW’s lineup of female-lead TV series is growing with the addition of historical fiction in the form of The Valiant. The show is an adaptation of the YA novel by Lesley Livingston, about a Celtic princess who is forced to rise through the ranks of gladiatorial combat to earn her freedom.

The Valiant follows the journey of Fallon, a young princess who flees from an arranged marriage only to find herself captured by bandits and sold into a school for female gladiators patroned by Julius Caesar, the man responsible for killing her sister during the Roman invasion and occupation of Britain. Forced to fight for Caesar’s approval and her chance to be free, Fallon finds herself caught in a never-ending cycle of conflict and drama—just with more swords and arena combat than you’d usually expect from a protagonist on a CW show. It’s in line with the network’s YA fiction market, but it’s interesting to see the CW delve into something a little bit beyond the genre fiction it’s come to be known for in recent years.


The series, being produced by Warner Bros. TV, has yet to be ordered to series, but will be executive produced by Laurie Arent and Mary Beth Basile should it go to series. Huzzah for more kick-ass women on TV!


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