Lesbian Vampire Killer Trailer Delivers The Lipsticked-And-Fanged Goods

The creators of Lesbian Vampire Killers are treating the campy flick with the fanged girl-on-girl cheekiness it deserves. The new teaser trailer is overflowing with hot vampires and toothy kisses.

The Lesbian Vampire Killer site is open for business, giving us a short little movie-still comic explaining the plot of two sad sacks who stumble upon the ultimate horror-movie jackpot, lesbian vampires.

The two unlikely heroes get dumped by their girlfriends and jobs. Alone, they set out and their tide quickly turns as they end up slaying a pack o' hottie blood-suckers, or as the byline explains on facebook, it's “Shaun of the Dead with tits.”


Here is a close up on the many ladies that will be joining us on our lesbian vampire jamboree which includes The Descent's adorable MyAnna Buring.


Here's the short comic that explains the hidden complexities of this lesbian vampire slayer backstory:

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