Leprechaun Raps, Dances, Turns "Fly Girls" Into His Mind-Controlled Sex Slaves

Horror's most obnoxious leprechaun has already been in space, so in Leprechaun 5, he comes to "da hood." Watch the leprechaun rap and use mind control on gold-lame-wearing "fly girl" dancers. Oh, and click through for Travis Mayweather in drag.


In Leprechaun 5: Leprechaun In Da Hood, the leprechaun needs to get back his magic flute from some aspiring rappers, one of whom is Anthony Montgomery, who went on to play Travis Mayweather in Star Trek: Enterprise. And then once he's got it back, he sets himself up with a whole posse of hotties in gold dresses, and uses mind control to turn more women into his sex slaves. Here's another scene from the movie, where the two rappers scheme to get the flute back (so it can make them famous hip hop stars), while talking about how the "lep in the hood" is fucking his women to death.


What's their plan for getting the flute back? it involves marijuana laced with four leaf clovers, tracking down those zombie hos... and a bizarre makeover, set to music.

I love how people in movies come up with these plans that you'd just never even think of in real life. I think it's because movie characters are just more resourceful. Yeah. That's why.

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C.V. Wilson

OMG... is that... Travis Mayweather....

Holy fuck.