Leonardo sails to the New World in new Da Vinci's Demons trailer

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Because Da Vinci's Demons apparently hasn't pushed its ahistorical fantasy far enough, our can't-fail Renaissance man Leonardo Da Vinci heads to the Americas in the trailer for Season Two, years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic.


I can see why David S. Goyer chose to break the series out of its Florence and Leonardo vs. Rome and Count Riario format from Season One, although given that the culture of Florence was so highly idealized by Leonardo last season, it seems strange to leave it behind. And as Riario is by far the show's most intriguing character, it's exciting to see that he'll be teaming up with Leonardo, and apparently even wins the race to the Americas. But the ludicrousness of Leonardo secretly voyaging to the New World aside, I'm nervous about seeing the show's fantastical take on history transported to pre-Columbian America.


Gabrielle Cynique

I quit this show after 2 episodes. I hadn't even realized it was popular enough to warrant a season 2. Did it get better? Do I need to revisit it? I got a distinctly cut rate "Jack of All Trades" feeling from it. And "Jack of All Trades" was already bargain basement.