Leonardo DiCaprio's "Twilight Zone" movie will feature a time travel plot

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production company has had a feature film adaptation of The Twilight Zone on the books for a while now, but its script hasn't been spaceship-shape. Now that the film has a new screenwriter, details are emerging about a trip through time and space.


Vulture reports that the script, which was handed off to writer Joby Harold this summer, will feature an astronaut test pilot who breaks the speed of light only to find that he arrives back home 96 years after he left. (Time travel? Or time dilation?) This won't be Harold's first time traveling rodeo; he's also one of the screenwriters for Tom Cruise's adaptation of the time looping light novel All You Need Is Kill.

Vulture calls this part of the "Looper Effect," crediting Looper's success with a rise in upcoming time travel movies. Whatever the reason, if it's smartly written and channels a little bit of Rod Serling, we'll take it.


The Looper Effect: More Time-Travel Movies On the Way [Vulture via /Film]

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