Lego's Next Series of Collectible Minifigures Includes a Mermaid Batman and Superman's Dad

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Lego’s second feature film, The Lego Batman Movie, wasn’t as big a hit as the toymaker’s first theatrical outing, but it was one of those rare times when the sum of its parts was greater than the whole. That’s why Lego is creating another series of blind-bagged minifigures based on Batman, and all the wacky DC Comics characters that play supporting roles around him.


Revealed on Lego’s Facebook page, and available starting on January 1, the second wave features 20 minifigures in total, including a handful of new figures, not just Batman and company wearing slightly different costumes. Although there’s plenty of those as well.

From left to right starting on the top row: Professor Hugo Strange, “Friends are Family” Harley Quinn and Alfred, Bat-merch Batgirl, Mermaid Batman, Swimming Pool Batman, Vacation Robin and Alfred, Tropical Joker (uncomfortably similar to his outfit from The Killing Joke), Vacation Batgirl, Wonder Twins Jayna and Zan, Apache Chief, Black Canary, Black Vulcan, Jor-El, General Zod, Clock King, Killer Moth, and Doctor Phosphorus.

You’ll want to make sure to zoom in on that group shot and study each minifigure closely, so that when you’re feeling each bag you don’t accidentally end up with three Vacation Robins.


[Facebook - Lego]

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