Lego's New Remote-Controlled Batmobile Looks Fun as Heck

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Lego just announced a new batch of smart systems that you can control with your phone. The so-called Powered Up Platform works with smartphones to turn classic brick-based creations into fun, animated sets. And right out of the gate, Lego is offering up a new app-controlled Batmobile. It looks awesome.


The new Powered Up Platform builds on the Lego Boost system of connected toys that the company released last year. That set was designed to be an entry point for younger fans to get involved with Lego robotics systems and, ultimately, start working with Lego Mindstorms. Out of the box, the new Batmobile will come with dynamic motion control, and later this year, you’ll be able to create custom code to control the vehicle.

The Batmobile isn’t the only new Lego set that will be enabled on the Powered Up Platform. This year, the company will also release a Lego Ninjago Stormbring dragon and a Lego City Arctic Scout Truck. Lego Boost elements will also soon power with Lego Creator Expert Roller Coaster, too, so you can automate that fun machine.

The Lego Powered Up Platform formally launches on July 1, and the 321-piece Batmobile will go on sale for $100 on August 1. In addition to the bricks for the vehicle, the Batmobile set also comes with two motors and a battery hub. It remains unclear how automated the Batarangs will be.

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Hopefully you can use it with a tablet. I would like to get something like this for my grandson who loves Legos but is too young for a cell phone.