If you thought Lego would dial it back after releasing a 7,541-piece, $800 Millennium Falcon, this 3,444-piece version the Joker Manor from The Lego Batman Movie, available starting on November 24, says otherwise.

The Joker Manor includes ten Lego minifigures.

Among the many upgrades the Joker made to Wayne Manor in the movie—and have made their way to this set—are a giant version of the clown’s face hiding a secret trap door and slide (sure), a pair of bright red boxing gloves that actually punch (for kids), a rotating eye tower reminiscent of The Lord of the Rings’ Sauron (...yeah, got nothing), a funhouse room full of warped mirrors, and a functional roller coaster encircling the entire mansion. The Joker, in Lego form and not, is not known for his restraint.

Batman can lay down some great tracks in his private recording studio.

The set still preserves some of Bruce Wayne and Batman’s living quarters inside the Joker Manor, however. There’s a movie room with popcorn and a DVD of the sequel to romantic flick, a kitchen with a microwave for reheating lobster, a grand piano next to an even grander fire place, a music studio with an electric guitar, and a swimming pool.

A $270 price tag may or may not be easier to swallow when you factor in the ten included minigures like the Joker, Batman, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Alfred, and disco versions of the caped crusader, Batgirl, and Robin. We’re a little disappointed this set is arriving nine months after The Lego Batman Movie hit theaters, but even more so that the roller coaster feature isn’t self-powered. The beauty of Lego, however, is that any set can be easily upgraded to include any feature you wanted.


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