Lego's Harry Potter BrickHeadz Are Going to Avada Kedavra You With Cuteness

Lego is about to take its biggest bite yet out of Funko’s domination of the adorably-deformed, collectible figurine market with the addition of its first Harry Potter BrickHeadz characters. The new figures include Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Harry himself, and his snowy owl, Hedwig.


Harry Potter and Hedwig will be sold as a 180-piece two-pack for $15, while the 127-piece Hermione Granger will be a $10 standalone figurine. Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore will also be sold as a 245-piece, $20 two-pack when all three of these sets go on sale starting July 1, but will the pair will only be available at Target stores.

There’s no word on if or when Lego will expand its Harry Potter BrickHeadz offerings, but there are just too many wonderful characters in that universe to assume it will not. I’ve already made room for a BrickHeadz Voldemort on my shelf, and a tiny but towering Hagrid would nicely round out this collection.



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