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Legos Are Surprisingly Effective at Explaining Synthetic Biology

The emerging discipline of synthetic biology is poised to change many aspects of our lives, from the production of medicines and bio-fuels through to genetic engineering and the development of completely new biological systems. It’s a technologically daunting prospect, but this video from Grist uses Legos and skateboards to make it all so perfectly clear.


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“Half-pipe of doom.”

Heh, well, I guess that’s more appealing to a certain demographic then saying “balancing the scales between too much caution and too little concern.”

Anyway, yeah this stuff happening right now and it’s going to to do more and more as time goes on. What’s really interesting to me is not the biological weapons or the Jurassic Park stuff. What I’m interested in is how this stuff might be leveraged, as wet nanotech, to move into dry nanotech.