Legolas has a blond elf moment at the LEGO parody Battle of Helm's Deep

While we're waiting for Peter Jackson's big-budget return to Middle Earth, stop-motion filmmakers Brotherhood Workshop are giving us a Tolkien adaptation that may lack big stars but more than makes up for it in plastic minifigs. In this installment, Orcs lay siege to Helm's Deep, where Legolas has a little bit of trouble staying on task.

Brotherhood Workshop has been releasing a series of these LEGO Lord of the Rings parody videos, often with key characters doing silly things. In this one, Legolas offers to get Gimli a box so he can see over the keep walls, then spends the rest of the video looking for such a box, and losing track of the fact that he's supposed to be killing Orcs.


Oh, and in case you were wondering who Jerry is:

[via GeekTyrant]

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