Lego Star Wars Holiday Special Gives Us a Festive Huttese Sing-Along

We all could use a dancing Poe in a sweater.
Gif: Disney

Deck the halls with boughs of blasters. It’s time to get into the Life Day spirit with a Lego Star Wars Holiday Special sing-along, featuring the vocal stylings of Billy Dee Williams and Poe Dameron doing a dance in a sweater.


The Star Wars YouTube recently released a sing-along video for “Joh Blastoh,” a holiday song in Huttese set to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” The song—led by Omar Miller as Finn, with Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico and Williams’ Lando Calrissian joining in the fun—closed out the Lego Star Wars Holiday Special with the raucous, party fun it deserved.

I’ve never said a word of Huttese, the language spoken by the Hutts that’s also heard on Tattoine, but even I’ll admit the sing-along got me jamming with Finn, Rey, Rose, and Poe. Also a shout-out to Kylo Ren, who dropped by to do a little shirtless dance—because what else is he gonna do with his time?

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special is currently available to watch on Disney+. “Bo eopie choppah” and happy holidays!

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Holly Jolly Jeebus, even in CGI LEGO form, Oscar Isaac can GET. IT.