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LEGO Star Trek: The Next Generation turns Wesley into the court jester

Illustration for article titled LEGO emStar Trek: The Next Generation/em turns Wesley into the court jester

Star Trek: The Next Generation has been LEGO-fied! Behold, Emperor Picard and his sexy future seer, Princess Troi!


Built for the SeaLUG LEGO display at Emerald City Comicon, creator Iain Heath explained his vision behind this creation:

STNG as it should have been... Emperor Picard The Magnificent upon his throne, surrounded by his loyal subjects, Princess Troi-Leia (slave girl and fortune teller), Sergeant Buff (Klingon barbarian bodyguard and Sushi chef), Bone Crusher (witch doctor and dungeon mistress), and the fool.
Kinda makes me wish STNG had done a "Mirror Universe" episode!


Marvelous. Wesley the slave boy/fool forever.

[via SuperPunch]

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So since Beverly is stomping on Wesley with her foot, does that make Beverly a "Wesley Crusher."