Wyldstyle was one of the most memorable new characters in The Lego Movie — and she went thorugh a lot of changes on her way to the screen. Check out official concept art that reveals the many, many different versions of Wyldstyle. Plus more concept art that reveals major spoilers for the film's ending.

The first two images come from this New York Times article. The first showcases the various versions of the female lead (voiced by Elizabeth Banks).


Below is the amazing scuba creation that forces the master builders to work together. Sidenote: the software designed to make this film would not allow a single LEGO creation to be sculpted if it couldn't be reproduced in the real world. So yes, that scuba probably exists somewhere (most likely in the basement of directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord).

And finally is a look at the actual basement in where these LEGOs live. Comic Book Movie found this concept art, created by artist Andrew Leung. What we wouldn't give for a space like that to play in, and an unlimited collection of LEGOS.