Lego Movie clips are way funnier than they have any business being

The Lego Movie is funny. Really funny. Don't believe us? Check out these nine clips. If you don't (at least) chuckle, you're dead inside. Also, they introduce the greatest character ever made — Princess Uni-Kitty!

Big props to directors Phil Lord, Chris Miller (21 Jump Street, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) and Chris McKay for actually turning The Lego Movie into something other than a giant ad for Lego. This movie is front loaded with 1,001 jokes, and continues to blast the audience with sheer creative joy. These clips are an excellent example of why you should probably check this film out.

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Is the fact the place is called Cloud Cukoo Land supposed to be a giant piece of foreshadowing? Especially combined with the "Everything is awesome!" song lyrics?

Not to mention one of the Movie LEGO sets contains what is likely a spoiler. Not that I care since his movie is still going to be awesome, looks like it has a lot for adults as well.

Those are the best kids movies. The ones that don't treat the little ones like blathering morons.