Lego Batman Movie Cements Position As Best DC Movie of 2017 By Confirming Billy Dee Williams As Two-Face

Oh hell yes, Lego Batman Movie.

Ever since Two-Face started showing up in the Lego Batman Movie sets (and in the backgrounds of the trailers), eagle-eyed fans have noted that the minifigure bears some very distinct similarities to Billy Dee Williams’ portrayal of Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman movie, before he was replaced by Tommy Lee Jones for future Bat-movies.


But now we know for sure that it’s a bit more than an homage to the Two-Face that might have been: Williams is actually voicing the character in the movie. The news was confirmed today by director Chris McKay on Twitter, after someone finally asked him about the character:

At long last, Billy Dee can become the Two-Face he always should have been. The Lego Batman Movie is in theaters next February.



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