With over 34 thousand followers, it's likely that you're already following the excellent Lego Academics twitter account, which'll celebrate its one-month anniversary next week. If you aren't, you should.

The account was created by archaeologist Donna Yates, who uses the new women of science LEGO sets as playful images to accompany painfully true descriptions of academic life. Yates told New Scientist how the account came to be:

The Lego arrived in the post while my colleague and I were working on a load of paperwork that I had completely messed up. We were annoyed, and it was rainy and horrible out, so we started playing with the Lego. As the day went on, we started expressing our frustrations. I took some pictures of the characters with my phone and put them on my Twitter account, and people reacted quite positively. After I walked home, I realised I had left my keys in the office, so I walked all the way back in the rain. While I was walking I had the idea of making a separate Twitter account for fun. And it became surprisingly popular.

Here are a couple of our favorites, but there are many more great scenes available at the account.