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FX Legion’s debut San Diego Comic-Con panel largely went as expected—that is, until the closing minutes, when creator Noah Hawley dropped a giant bomb about a movie he’s developing for Fox. He only gave the hint “Doctor Doom” at the panel, but now Fox has confirmed to us it’s a film about the villain, and not a new Fantastic Four.

Original article follows: This could mean a couple of different things, and all them are promising when in the hands of someone like Hawley. We could finally be getting an origin story for Victor Von Doom, one of Marvel’s most complex and under-utilized villains. Or it could mean yet another Fantastic Four adaptation. Normally, that would be annoying as hell, given all the terrible adaptations we’ve gotten over the past decade. But Hawley’s work on Legion shows he could bring something that the other films failed to deliver. Meaning, you know, quality. We’ve reached out to Fox for clarification.


In other news from the Legion panel, the second season will be two episodes longer than the first (with 10 episodes), and Wonder Woman’s Saïd Taghmaoui is joining the cast, playing Amahl Farouk/Shadow King alongside Aubrey Plaza. The series is expected to return in 2018.

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