Legion Will Come to an End After 3 Seasons

David and Lenny’s descent to darkness will continue for just one more season.
David and Lenny’s descent to darkness will continue for just one more season.
Photo: FX

The mindbending adventures of David Haller are coming to a close this year.

Just confirmed at FX’s panel at the Television Critics Association press tour (via the Hollywood Reporter), Legion’s third and final season will debut in June 2019. Season two saw David’s battles with Amahl Farouk, the Shadow King, take a toll on not just his abilities but his own morality, sending David down a shocking and ultimately pretty disgusting path in the process. Presumably, season three will see things go from bad to worse for David as he tries to get his grip back on both his vast powers and his sense of reality.

Showrunner Noah Hawley has long said that the story he planned to tell would be for three seasons, so it’s not like we’re getting our time in this trippy interpretation of the X-Men universe cut short or anything—it’s just time for Hawley’s story to come to a close. And now, it turns out we’ll only have a few more months to wait and see what becomes of David Haller for good.

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Angrier Geek

Good. Know the limitations of your concept rather than dragging shit out for years to make syndication numbers. I’m hoping the knowledge of this will result in a tightly written final season more akin to the first that the messy indulgence of the second.

And yes, I’ll never stop gloating over Lenny being proven real. My No-Prize looks damn good on the shelf.