As remake mania sweeps Hollywood, you might have thought that game shows were safe. I mean, sure, they can always be revived and updatedā€”like Robot Warsā€”but remaking them into a completely different form, like a movie? Well, thatā€™s just weird. And yet thatā€™s what Nickelodeon is doing with its beloved ā€˜90s game show Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Nickelodeon announced this morning that it will be reviving Legends as a live-action TV movie, as well as bringing back the classic animated series Hey Arnold! for a two-part TV movie special.


In its original incarnation, Legends tasked teams of kids to perform physical and mental feats through a series of Indiana Jones-esque trials set in a sprawling recreation of a Mayan temple. Presumably the adaptation will basically a kids TV movie answer to Indiana Jones (or, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, technically), except with less chances to win prizes like the old show.

Itā€™s certainly a weird choiceā€”I mean, why not just bring it back as a game show?ā€”but hey, if you have a very specific nostalgia itch that needs scratching, Nickelodeon is clearly happy to oblige.


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