Legendary Is Turning Time-Twisting Game Series Life Is Strange Into a Digital Series

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Excellent news for fans of DontNod’s excellent young adult adventure game Life Ils Strange—Legendary pictures has announced that it’s turning the series into a digital series.

The episodic adventure series followed the story of Max Caulfield, a photography student returning to her quiet coastal hometown, only to discover she has the power to re-wind time—and that the town itself is threatened not just by a mysterious figure targeting young women, but a tornado that threatens to wipe the whole town off the map in days. As Max, players were tasked with using her time powers to uncover the mysterious ongoings in the town while looking for a way to save it from certain doom.

The movie, produced by Legendary in conjunction with Life is Strange’s publishers Square-Enix, will be handled by dj2 Entertainment, who recently struck a deal to bring a live-action hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie to life at Sony.


Life Is Strange told a surprisingly touching story (which won it several awards, including a BAFTA), and played with time travel in some clever and interesting ways—ways that would definitely be unconventional if adapted to a movie format. Hopefully it works out!

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