Six Doctors down, six Doctors to go for Titan’s Doctor Who comics. With tales featuring Doctors 4, 8, and 9 through 12 already coming out from the company, it’s time for even more Time Lord action in the form of Jon Pertwee’s dandy scientist (and Venusian aikido expert), the Third Doctor.

Cornell—best known to Doctor Who fans as the writer of TV episodes like “Fathers Day” and “Human Nature/The Family of Blood” for the series, but also for his comic work on Wolverine, Captain Britain, Action Comics, and more—will be joined by Christopher Jones on art, and Hi-Fi on colors for the five-part miniseries.


Titled “The Heralds of Destruction,” the story will see the Doctor and his erstwhile companion Jo Grant team up with UNIT and the Brigadier to battle an extraterrestrial threat after it crash-lands on Earth, only to find something far more sinister lurking around back at UNIT headquarters. You can check out four covers for the new series’ first issue below, as well as an unlettered page from the comic itself above, making their debut here on io9.

Cover A by Josh Burns
Photo cover by Will Brooks
Cover C by Paul McCaffrey
Watercolor variant by Simon Meyers

It’s nice to see Titan experimenting with the classic era of the show; hopefully miniseries like this can evolve into full-time books, just as the Ninth Doctor’s eventually did. Comics for every Doctor! Doctor Who: The Third Doctor #1 will be available in the US and UK on August 31st.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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