Legendary Disney Animator to Helm Chinese Musical Over the Moon for Netflix

Sample character sketches from Over the Moon. Image courtesy of Netflix.
Sample character sketches from Over the Moon. Image courtesy of Netflix.

Disney animator Glen Keane has been brought on to direct Over the Moon, an animated musical retelling of a classic Chinese myth, which will be released on Netflix internationally.

Over the Moon, from Pearl Studio, is about a young girl who builds a rocket ship so that she can travel to the moon and meet Chang’e, the Moon Goddess. The modern adaptation of the Chinese myth was written by Audrey Wells (The Truth About Cats & Dogs), with songs by Christopher Curtis, Marjorie Duffield, and Helen Park.

Keane was recently nominated for an Oscar for his and Kobe Bryant’s animated short Dear Basketball, but he’s best known for his longtime animation work on some of Disney’s most-beloved films, like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Rescuers, among many others.


“I am powerfully drawn to characters who believe the impossible is possible,” Keane said. “Over the Moon has just such a heroine as its centerpiece.”

Over the Moon is set to come out in 2020, with a cinematic release in China and international distribution through Netflix.

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Glen is also the son of Bil Keane, the artist of the Family Circus Comic strip. His father drew Glen as Billy in the comic.