Legendary Designer Syd Mead Says We Should Stop Saying "Wearable Tech"

With his work on Blade Runner and other movies, designer Syd Mead did as much as almost anybody to shape our vision of the future. And in a new interview with Fast Co Design, he explains why the term "wearable technology" is meaningless — and what it takes for wearables to become must-wears.

Here's an excerpt from Mead's comments, which are worth reading in their entirety:

Wearable technology is a term that is mindlessly inclusive. I mean, a special gym shoe with built-in pedometer and duration memory functions is "wearable technology." Wrist devices that monitor heartbeat, general blood consistency, etc., are "wearable technology," as are sweat-absorption clothing, electrically charged gloves, and other cold weather gear, and certainly visual augmentation devices.

I've been rendering many of these "new" ideas for decades. I illustrated both a fashion helmet [pictured above] in the '60s that combined a read-out screen for the wearer, a video pickup, and other functions that enabled the wearer to be reminded, guided, and allowed to upload....

Fashion is a temporary affectation. Fashion that's timeless is actually a practical response to need.


Check out the whole thing over at Fast Co Design.

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