Legend Of Korra Trailer Reveals More Airbenders—And Old Man Zuko!

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There is no dialogue in the first official trailer for The Legend of Korra: Book 3—just sweet, sweet action. And it's hitting all the things we want: more Lin, more Asami, some fearsome-looking foes, and an aged but still ass-kicking Zuko.


The second book of Korra had plenty of hiccups, but we're hoping that the strong ending was a sign of good things to come. The bending battles are looking fantastic, and there are some intriguing snippets of plot hidden in the trailer. We've got Tenzin leading a bunch of folks in Airbender garb, Bumi apparently Airbending himself, Jinora traveling into the spirit realm, Korra on her own glider, and lots of the new technology we missed in Book 2. Plus, it will be good to see the former Fire Lord Zuko again. We'll have to see if the story pays off on the trailer's promises when Book 3 premieres.

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