Team Avatar is gradually getting back together, which means that this week, Korra and Asami see each other after three years apart. And while their reunion may be a bit rocky, these two continue to be adorable together.

Korra is finally back in Republic City after a three-year absence, and while she's feeling a bit down about getting her ass handed to her by Kuvira, she's happy to see her friends and surrogate family again.

Especially Asami.

I know the writers love to tease us about Korrasami, but that blush made me squirm with glee. Even Mako has noticed that something is going on with the pair, and he's a bit miffed that he and Bolin have been looped out of the friendship. Mako, you can't fight true friend love.


To some extent, they fall into familiar patterns, teasing Mako about his job with Prince (King?) Wu, who is still the worst and has invited himself to their reunion. But when Asami mentions that she has reconnected with her father and Korra expresses concern, a rare disagreement springs up between the two. It makes sense that this is something they would fight over. Korra is ready to pick up where they left off, and she doesn't consider everything that has happened in her absence. (Plus, Hiroshi was one of Korra's very first foes.) Asami, for her part, is still kind of miffed that Korra has been gone for so long, and she's just confessed something deeply emotional and been met with a less than supportive response. It highlights the current state of their relationship without being a fight directly about their relationship.

This reunion with his friends has done nothing for Mako's patience with Wu, however. When the pampered princeling needs to tinkle, Mako, for the first time in weeks, sends Wu to the bathroom alone. Naturally, this is the one time that Kuvira's people decide to lay a trap in the bathroom.


Once the trio realizes Wu has been kidnapped, they spring into action. Asami and Korra both show off their talents here. Asami navigates the roads like a pro (it helps when you've built the city's infrastructure) and Korra shows off her Avatar skills, not just with some handy bending, but also by detecting Wu's location through the Spirit vines, just like Toph taught her.

Team Avatar rescues Wu and there are high-fives all around. Sure, it wasn't a high-stakes duel with Kuvira, but it's nice to see part of the gang together again.


But we're still missing Bolin. He and Varrick are on the move following their defection from Kuvira's camp. And it turns out that they don't just have the Earth Empire's soldiers to worry about; they also have to contend with the anti-Kuvira factions they've harmed through their role in unification.

I'm actually rather intrigued by this idea that Kuvira is purging people not of Earth Kingdom-descent from the empire given Bolin's privileged place in her camp. On the one hand, it makes sense given Kuvira's rhetoric that she wants the Earth Empire to be for the Earth people, but Bolin himself is a child of both Earth and Fire. I can't imagine that Mako would be welcome in the Earth Empire, even though he has the same background. And, given how many Fire Nation citizens lived in the Earth Kingdom during the war, I imagine a lot of families were split up.


But the point is that Bolin has, once again, become a champion of the people—which is what he always meant to be. It's very interesting to see how much Bolin's prowess in battle has grown since last season. His abilities as a Lavabender make him a valuable guy to have around. Varrick, for his part, is still endlessly useful in his cunning and theatrics, but he's finally starting to see what he's lost now that Zhu Li isn't around to tend to his every whim and escape.

Meanwhile, Kuvira wants to build a bigger and badder Spirit bomb, and her hubris is going to cost her. She orders her troopers to harvest the ancient banyan-grove tree in the middle of the swamp. That's going to make Toph angry, and Kuvira, you're not going to like Toph when she's angry. Fortunately, we love it.