Lee Adama Takes On The Doctor

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Oh my goodness, there is about to be one messy intergalactic fight up in this space. Jamie Bamber (aka Apollo, Lee Adama and previously Fat Lee) from the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica is strutting around picking fights with none other than the Doctor himself. Bamber was complaining that BSG would rival Dr. Who in British popularity if only it was on a more prominent network. Yes Bamber, but it still would be missing one David Tennant. I'm not one for picking favorites but these sour space grapes have me thinking, what if the Dr. Who gang took on the crew from Galactica? It would be worth it just to see Sarah Jane Smith take on President Laura Roslin.In an interview with Metro Bamber complained that BSG wasn't beloved by all because of location:

[Battlestar] is only cult because it's been stuck on Sky One and not pushed. In America it's on the Sci Fi Channel, which has a stigma to it. If it was on a mainstream channel it would be as big as Doctor Who or Lost. I take 'cult' to mean not mainstream or readily available."


He continued on saying that the BSG craze has reached all the big wig Hollywood types (so why not everyone else):

"Everyone who matters has seen it. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and the Wachowski brothers are fans. I just don’t get people shouting ‘Oi Apollo’ at me in the street."

Really, Jamie, you're pissed that you're not getting droves of fans following you around town? That's the big issue? For shame. Still when followed up in the interview and asked if fame was what he was asking for, Bamber said not at all. Still, why mention it then? We're just not sure if BSG's dark war epic could ever appeal to the mass audience (in England, anyway) who love the time-traveling hijinks of Who and company. What do you think: in the battle of BSG versus the Doctor, who wins? [Metro]


I would pay money for (quality) 10/Starbuck fanfiction. Doesn't even have to be porny; just well-written.

Heck, nevermind. I'll write it myself.

But seriously, Bamber. Helo's the only one I'd say had a shot at rivalling the Doctor. Your character's a mess — and not a hot one. No shame in it for you, but the writers screwed Apollo over but good.