Learn What You Won't See Online For Dollhouse's Second Year

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Hoping for some new exclusive web content to back up Dollhouse's second season? You're not going to get it - Well, not online, at least. Click through for what we're missing (and why we won't actually miss it).


Whedon told Complex magazine's Tim Leong:

We're not [producing web-only content this year]. Just because they're not really looking to spend extra money on the show. The network has dropped their licensing dramatically, it's the studio who has really picked up the slack to make this happen. Ironically, we actually have what would be fabulous web content, which is the whole 2019 storyline from "Epitaph One." Whereas last year, it was like "I don't think we have anything for the Web." When they added 10 minutes to every episode, they gave it up. This year I'm like, "We have some great ideas for the Internet!" and they're like, "Yeah…no"... but what we are doing is pursuing the 2019 storyline in the show sporadically. Not so much that it takes over, but enough that it informs where we're going. I have some delightful surprises in store, and I got to shoot some of it myself for the first episode, which was delightful, because why should [producer/director David] Solomon have all the fun?


In the same interview, Whedon also confirmed a "Season Nine" Buffy comic to follow the current "Season Eight" series, promising something shorter and "very different" from the current run.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

I wouldn't mind being able to see "epitaph one" without buying or renting the DVD's.

Slightly OT, but I just noticed that io9 is "Presented by FOX" this week. A little amusing considering the considerable venom that is directed towards them around here whenever T:SCC, Firefly or any number of other things is brought up. Advertising money heals all wounds I guess. I should also probably be thankful that FOX is promoting genre shows in the right place.