Learn to Twitter Like It's 1899

It's Twitter as Ada Lovelace would have imagined. To conserve characters and keep transmissions private, Victorians often wrote their telegrams in code. Refer to this handy list to make your tweets more efficient and confuse your friends. [NYT via Metafilter]


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even better...

"Over 69 years, Quincy Adams filled 51 volumes with diaristic entries, and he was frequently juggling several diaries. One included lengthy entries, another shorter musings, and a third summed up his day in telegraphic style. Examples from the tersest diary include the following:

January 1, 1795: "Thursday. The Hague. Attended the Stadtholder's Court. Paid official New Years day visits."

October 12, 1800: "My cough getting better. Walk round the Walls. Reading Amadis de Gaulis. Tedious."

November 22, 1831: "Thunder and Snow. Letter on Imprisonment for debt. Reading on Masonry."