Learn the origin of Green Lantern's mysterious villain. Plus Roberto Orci talks about writing the Star Trek sequel!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Ryan Reynolds compares Hal Jordan to sci-fi's most iconic rogue, while Blake Lively wants to play the villain. Roberto Orci says fan feedback is going into the Star Trek sequel. Plus has The Hunger Games found its male leads?


Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Green Lantern.

Green Lantern

Producer Donald De Line explains that the recently premiered footage represents the most finished parts of the movie:

"Honestly, this is the stuff that's the most finished so far. We have so many visual effects shots that are still outstanding that we've been really up against the wall, we're racing to get the movie out June 17th, plus we're converting to 3D. So really what we're showing you is the stuff that are sequences that would hang together the most with the visual effects we have finished right now. So we have awesome stuff coming, we just didn't have it ready to show. So this is really a good representation of what we had ready."


He also explained the evolution of the movie's main villain Parallax:

"It's a really interesting thing because Parallax is a creature who feeds on fear, and he sucks the fear out and the fearful souls out of beings, whether they're human beings or alien creatures. So he's kinda this amalgamation of all these horrible terrified souls that he consumes, so it's almost like a living Dante's Inferno if you will. And that's a really complicated, bit of a heady kind of concept and the artists and the CG animators we have worked on it for months and months and months and we just started seeing finished shots, so we would have artwork that was supposed to represent it, but we really didn't have the shots. And then finally it was this giant release, it was like three weeks ago and we got our first Parallax shot and it was like ‘Ah!' we were so excited about it and we thought it worked so well. But it was a nail biter, you know you have to go on a lot of faith."

He also confirmed that Michael Clarke Duncan is under serious consideration for Kilowog, but no final decision has been made. There's a lot more at the link. [Collider]

Blake Lively explains the fun of tapping into Carol Ferris's dark side and the possibility of playing Star Sapphire in an upcoming movie:

"Keeping in mind the fact that she becomes a villain, you have to have those kinds of teeth apparent in the beginning so that it makes sense that her arc goes there. There were a lot of different levels to play with her, and I really appreciated not just being the damsel-in-distress. If this movie is successful and we do a few more films, I'm pretty confident that Star Sapphire would show up. All the conversations are very guarded and protected, even with [the actors] because nobody wants to commit to anything, but I can't see Star Sapphire not showing up if we made more films."


[Comic Book Resources]

Lively also confirmed there aren't any flashbacks to Carol and Hal's shared past, although it appears all that backstory is still a part of the movie's continuity:

What you don't see [in this film] is when they're kids. They're each other's first loves. Where the movie picks up, they're ex-lovers. So there is that tension - that rivalry - but also that love. They're each other's soulmates."


[Hero Complex]

Star Trek 2

Co-writer Roberto Orci wouldn't go into too many logistical details - the script still isn't done, and J.J. Abrams still hasn't decided whether to direct - but he did talk openly about what they learned from the first movie and how they plan to expand on it:

I think we get to be a little bit more daring with the theme. The first one… was kind of Star Trek Zero – how did it all start? Now, they're all together from the beginning, and so now they're all going to face I think a theme that is different and potentially more challenging than just they met and they're kind of facing this force of nature in Nero. So the theme of their family is going to be something great to explore that you don't get in the first movie.


He also acknowledged that Kirk did become a captain at an improbably young age, and that there was significant fan backlash against the use of a brewery for the Enterprise's engineering. He didn't say whether anything would be done about these issues, but he suggested the sequel might at least slyly acknowledge these faults. There are more details at the link. [TrekMovie]

Elsewhere, Orci continued to stress that he is incorporating fan feedback into this creative process:

"I do see what fans think online, very much in Star Trek, it is a sequel that you can genuinely say that the fans are consultants on. Now they're caught up with us, they know exactly what the first movie was, and any one of them could go out now and generate a couple of story ideas for what this could be. So it's a fun guessing game, and you do get to incorporate some of the complaints; you cannot just answer them, but voice them in the movie. I enjoy that – I enjoy seeing what people say, even if it's super nasty."



Iron Man 3

Drew Pearce, the creator of the British superhero comedy No Heroics and the writer of Marvel's Runaways movie, is reportedly writing the screenplay for Iron Man 3. According to rumor, Pearce is starting all over again and junking the previous drafts. He will also reportedly be working closely with director Shane Black, who is himself one of the most successful screenwriters in movie history. [Deadline]


Former director Jon Favreau addressed whether he would reprise his role as Happy Hogan in the third movie. He offered no definitive answer, but he seemed very positive on the subject:

"Yeah, look. I love Shane Black. I'm not familiar with the work of the other writer that the just hired [Drew Pearce], but I'm really grateful for the opportunities that I had with Marvel. I can't wait. I would do anything. I love that franchise and I love those guys."



The Hunger Games

Two names have reportedly emerged as frontrunners for the male leads: Liam Hemsworth, the younger brother of Thor star Chris Hemsworth, is reportedly in line for Gale, while Journey to the Center of the Earth's Josh Hutcherson is reportedly up for Peeta. However, even the original report says no formal offers have been made, so definitely don't consider this even remotely confirmed just yet. [Deadline]


Dark Shadows

Kick-Ass and Let Me In actress Chloe Moretz will reportedly play Carolyn, the daughter of Michelle Pfeiffer's Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. [Deadline]


Meanwhile The Loved Ones child actor Gulliver McGrath is reportedly playing David Collins, the son of Roger Collins - rumored to be played by Michael Sheen - and nephew Pfeiffer's Elizabeth. [Deadline]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Producer David Barron discusses the epilogue:

"We're expressing it through our three principle characters, who obviously have had a terrible time in many respects. Because they have been fighting Voldemort for longer than we can remember, and came close to death, you'll see the state of the school at the end. It was not an easy battle. As countries, as nations do, as cultures do, they recover and they renew and life carries on. It is about renewal. It's not long. It's about two ... a couple of minutes," Barron said of the epilogue's length. "It's long enough to tell its story. We like it. We think it works well, and it does leave you feeling a bit [emotional]."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Logan's Run

Tales From The Gangster Squad writer Will Beall, who has also written for ABC's Castle, is reportedly writing the screenplay for the upcoming reboot. Other rumored talent include Ryan Gosling in the title role, Nicolas Winding Refn directing, and Joel Silver and Akiva Goldsman producing. [Heat Vision]


Men in Black 3

If you need further proof that the insane turmoil of the film's production is vastly more entertaining than whatever actually ends up in the movie, well...you may want to check out this bizarre report on Mike Soccio, a onetime Fresh Prince of Bel Air writer and Will Smith's personal script doctor, who apparently none of the movie's other writers even knew was involved in the production. Whatever is going on with this movie, I think we can just assume at this point that it won't end well. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley are reportedly teaming up in comedy set right before a massive asteroid strike. When news of Earth's impending doom hits, Carell's wife abandons him, and he goes in search of a meaningful connection with an old flame before the devastation begins. On the way, he encounters Keira Knightley's character, who accompanies him on his travels. [The Hollywood Reporter]



Comics creator Todd MacFarlane discusses his ongoing efforts to make a new adaptation of Spawn, this time as a low budget movie with much more creative control. MacFarlane says he's nearly done with the script:

"I'm three quarters through it. I'll finish it and put it on a shelf for about a week. What usually happens is, I come back to it so I can see all the flaws. I do a rewrite and there's a first draft at that point. Then I'll start soliciting comments from people I trust to see if I can get the script into working shape. If I can't, I'm open to someone coming in and helping me with it."


He also pragmatically explained why he's trying to make this for next to no money:

"There's only one way a studio is going to say yes, that's if it's a low-budget movie. To be honest, as a producer, even I wouldn't hire myself to direct a big-budget film. There are smarter people out there. But if you're making it for $10 million to $12 million, you're just going to go get some schmuck director so let me be the schmuck. In this new version, there are no supervillains, archenemies or any of that. It's just a spook movie, something scary going bump in the night. I think I can shoot that for almost next to nothing."




Writer Cory Goodman discusses the influences that went into the movie's post-apocalyptic world:

The Road Warrior has always been a touchstone of mine. I love how George Miller took the elements of the classic western and infused it with a whole new sensibility. It was clearly a setting that I felt worked for Priest. A world that become battered and bruised by a centuries long vampire war would make a fantastic backdrop. One of my favorite aspects of the writing process is 'world-building.' The tricky part is to make sure that the 'world' doesn't overwhelm the mechanics of your story. In the case of Priest, there was always a clear drive for the main character: His pursuit of Lucy. Anytime I found myself getting lost in the 'tinsel' of the world, I forced myself to come back to Priest's central goal and make sure that was the focus of the script.



Apollo 18

Goodman is also the co-writer on Apollo 18. He discusses the challenges of the movie's found footage aesthetic:

It was a fantastic opportunity to get under the hood of a found-footage film and help understand what makes it tick. I quickly discovered there are two elemental concepts that are inherent to any found-footage film: 1.) Have a valid reason why someone would constantly be filming the proceedings, something that the audience can believe and accept. 2.) Keep the story simple. In a typical screenplay you'd have 'twists,' 'callbacks' and all those other terms that get development executives squirming with excitement. If you do that here, it feels too 'movie-ish.' The trick is to find the right balance so that it still feels like you're watching something that actually happened.



The Seventh Son

The medieval-set movie already stars Jeff Bridges as a witch hunter and Julianne Moore as villainous - and possibly supernatural - Mother Malkin. It's now found its younger cast members to replace the departed Jennifer Lawrence and Alex Pettyfer, as relative newcomers Sam Claflin and Alicia Vikander are on board as Bridges's apprentice and Moore's daughter, who may also be a witch. [Variety]


Doctor Strange

Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey confirmed that he is, in fact, campaigning for the title role in Marvel's eventual adaptation of the comic book sorcerer. Although Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer are currently working on the script for a film adaptation, Dempsey seems to think the character belongs on TV:

"I'd love to play Doctor Strange. I've been lobbying for that. There's a whole bunch of people [among the Grey's crew] who are into comics and Marvel, too, on the set and they're like, 'Doctor Strange, that's the one you should do.' It would be fantastic. It'd be a great TV show, especially for HBO or something like that. I don't know if I'd necessarily do another show, a drama, that's 24 episodes again. HBO you're at 13 and I think that's much better."


[The L.A. Times]

Doctor Who

Here are some set photos showing Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston all wearing bathrobes on set. Notably, Steven Moffat and Beth Willis were both present for this day of shooting as well. So either they're doing an episode in which all of the characters are in their bathrobes, or they wanted to keep the actors' costumes a secret. In one of the photos, it looks like Smith might be wearing a white dress shirt under his robe. [via WENN.com]



Executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman discuss just why Peter and Olivia didn't recognize each other, despite apparently meeting as kids:

Pinkner: I think that one of the things that we have been keeping in mind, and the viewer should keep in mind: both Joel and I – and I'm sure you're the same way - had really close friends when we were 8 that we can hardly picture in our mind right now. And this was just a chance meeting. Olivia [also] didn't remember meeting Walter, who played a much more significant role in her life. She didn't remember meeting him throughout the first whole season until she was reminded.
Wyman: There's also something to be said that when traumatic experiences, you know, you could bury that stuff. So you bury some of the good stuff along with the bad stuff because some of those good things are triggers for the bad things." What's interesting, says Pinkner, is that earlier in the series, neither fans nor the creative team really noticed that even after years as Walter's test subject, Olivia should have remembered Walter. "And yet, because the Peter and Olivia moment was so romantic and so full of hope, you remember, "Oh, why doesn't she remember that one?" Which says something lovely about us all as people; we want to remember the good things and leave the bad things.


[Fringe Spoilers]

And here's a new promo video: [Fringe Television]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Longtime Doctor Who composer Murray Gold is returning to the spin-off series to score Miracle Day. He worked with Ben Foster to score the first two seasons, but Foster alone provided the music for Children of Earth. [Doctor Who News Page]


Game of Thrones

Here are titles and summaries for episodes three through seven:

Episode 03: "Lord Snow"
Arriving at King's Landing after his long journey, Ned is shocked to learn of the Crown's profligacy from his new advisors. At Castle Black, Jon Snow impresses Tyrion at the expense of greener recruits. Suspecting the Lannisters had a hand in Bran's fall, Catelyn covertly follows her husband to King's Landing, where she is intercepted by Petyr Baelish, a.k.a. "Littlefinger," a shrewd longtime ally and brothel owner. Cersei and Jaime ponder the implications of Bran's recovery; Arya studies swordsmanship. On the road to Vaes Dothrak, Daenerys finds herself at odds with Viserys. (Written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; directed by Brian Kirk.)

Episode 04: "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things"
Ned looks to a book for clues to the death of his predecessor, and uncovers one of King Robert's bastards. Robert and his guests witness a tournament honoring Ned. Jon takes measures to protect Sam from further abuse at Castle Black; a frustrated Viserys clashes with Daenerys in Vaes Dothrak; Sansa imagines her future as a queen, while Arya envisions a far different future. Catelyn rallies her husband's allies to make a point, while Tyrion finds himself caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Written by Bryan Cogman; directed by Brian Kirk.)

Episode 05: "The Wolf and the Lion"
Incensed over news of Daenerys' alliance with the Dothrakis, Robert orders a preemptive strike on the Targaryens that drives a wedge in his relationship with Ned. A captive Tyrion helps Catelyn, but receives a cold reception at the Eyrie from her sister, Jon Arryn's widow Lysa. Sansa is charmed by the dashing Ser Loras Tyrell, a.k.a. the Knight of Flowers. Arya overhears a plot against her father. (Written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; directed by Brian Kirk.)

Episode 06: "A Golden Crown"
Reinstated as the Hand, Ned sits for the King while Robert is on a hunt. Ned issues a decree that could have long-term consequences throughout the Seven Kingdoms. At the Eyrie, Tyrion confesses to his "crimes," and demands that Lysa give him a trial by combat. Joffrey apologizes to Sansa; Viserys receives his final payment for Daenerys from Drogo. (Written by Jane Espenson and David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; directed by Brian Kirk.)

Episode 07: "You Win or You Die"
Explaining that the future of the Lannisters is at stake, Tywin presses Jaime to "be the man you were meant to be" as they prepare for battle. Ned confronts Cersei about the secrets that killed Jon Arryn. With the fate of the missing Benjen very much on his mind, Jon takes his Night's Watch vows, though not with the assignment he coveted. After Ser Jorah saves Daenerys from treachery, an enraged Drogo vows to lead the Dothraki where they've never gone before. An injured Robert takes pains to ensure an orderly transition at King's Landing. (Written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss; directed by Daniel Minahan.)



True Blood

HBO has now announced a premiere date of June 26. As in previous years, season four will be twelve episodes long. [Daemon's TV]


Wonder Woman

Here's a set video:

And here are some set photos, showcasing a scene where Wonder Woman beats up a bad guy and injects him with a hypodermic needle. [The Daily Blam]


And here's some more.


Here's a description for episode 21, "Chuck vs. The Wedding Planner":

IN ORDER TO CATCH A THIEF, CHUCK AND SARAH MUST ENLIST SARAH'S FATHER AND CON THE CIA — GARY COLE AND MEKENNA MELVIN GUEST STAR — When Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) get conned out of their wedding money, there is only one man they can turn to for help — Sarah's conman father, Jack Burton (guest star Gary Cole). Meanwhile, Morgan pressures Casey (Adam Baldwin) to face Alex's (guest star Mekenna Melvin) mother.




These are casting updates from IMDB, so take them with a grain of salt. But according to the site, Kim Johnston Ulrickh will play Dr. Visyak in the final two episodes, while Demore Barnes will return as Raphael in "The Man Who Would Be King." [SpoilerTV]


Dirk Gently

After a reasonable successfully special, the show based on Douglas Adams's other sci-fi series is returning for three sixty minute episodes. [Den of Geek]



Here's another look at Booster Gold. [SpoilerTV /Spinoff Online]

Additional reporting by Michael Ann Dobbs and Charlie Jane Anders.


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Was there any doubt that the script for "Star Trek 2" was nearly being crowd sourced? Or at least focus grouped to the general public? It seemed very obvious to me that all the suggestions of possible plot directions and coy non-denial denials were trial ballons sent up to guage reaction for various ideas.