Okay, you’re not really going to learn how to control DVDs with your mind by reading this week’s list of DVD and Blu-ray releases. But if referring to purchasing The Legend of Korra on home video as DVD-bending is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right.

The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

This awesome sequel to the awesome Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon set in the bending-punk world of Republic City, as the new Avatar battles those who think Benders are not only discriminatory, but impure. The Blu-ray set has audio commentaries and animatics the DVD set doesn’t, FYI.

The Host

A movie about aliens taking over the bodies of attractive but considerate young people, by the lady who wrote the book about those attractive and considerate young people who also happen to be vampires and werewolves.

Warehouse 13: Season 4

The gang rebuilds after the Warehouse is destroyed. The season is a veritable Who’s Who of scifi favorites, including Brent Spiner, Amy Acker, Jeri Ryan, Anthony Stewart Head, Sam Huntington, and more. Check it out so you watch the final abbreviated fifth season and be crushed it’s over too soon!

Scifi Movie Marathon

Containing: America 3000, Arena, Eliminators, and The Time Guardians. They all sound terrible, but the cover for America 3000 seems to feature a Chewbacca rip-off holding a boombox, so it might be worth risking $8 for that alone.

Marvel Knights – Wolverine: Origin

Marvel’s not entirely unawkward vision of Wolverine’s true origin, from his childhood as a privileged farmboy to his adulthood as a feral killer mutant, gets the motion comic treatment.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Enter Shredder

Basically, this is the new TMNT Season 1 DVD set, Vol. 2., containing episodes 7-13. Warning: This Shredder may not be as Caucasian as Michael Bay would be comfortable with.

Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special

Adult Swim’s stop-motion toy series gives DC’s heroes and villains a good drubbing. Although one might say Warner Bros. is doing that far more effectively. Zing!

Trek Nation

Son of Gene, Rod Roddenberry looks at the legacy his father and Star Trek left around the world. This two-disc special edition of the documentary contains extended interviews, Gene Roddenberry’s home movies, and more.

Finding Bigfoot Vol. 2

Spoiler: They don’t find Bigfoot.

Kimba: The White Lion: the Complete Series

Did you like The Lion King? Check out the classic 1960s anime series it was almost completely based off of, just without credit.

Irresponsible Captain Tylor: Complete TV Series

A lazy but lucky young man accidentally becomes the captain of a military space cruiser in this well-regarded scifi-comedy ‘90s anime.

Bruce Campbell Double Feature

Containing Alien Apocalypse, Man with the Screaming Brain and My Name Is Bruce, with no extras features, and crammed onto one DVD for minimum quality.

The Last Starfighter

The ‘80s film that had the guts to tell the truth about how arcade games were just aliens' ways of training us to help save their planets. Yes, even Burgertime. Just pray the giant, sentient, walking eggs, pickles and hot dogs never make their way to Earth.