US Quidditch is the governing body for the sport of Quidditch, and last week, they released the 9th Edition of their rules for the upcoming 2015-2016 season!

Quidditch has been played as a real game since 2005, when it was first adapted for non-magical players at Middlebury College. In 2007, the first ever ‘IQA World Cup’ was held, and the game has continued to grow in the years since.


The rule book is a pretty interesting thing to take a look into. Drawing from J.K. Rowling’s depictions of the sport throughout the Harry Potter series, the book outlines the positions, and how you take a totally fictional game and turn it into what is quickly becoming a legitimate sport.

The new rules include some new mandatory safety measure, clarification on prior rules, and more. You can download the entire rule book here. A print version will be on sale shortly. Beyond the rules, the US Quidditch website is worth looking at: it provides resources for starting up a team and for existing teams, and quite a lot more.

AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack


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