Illustration for article titled Learn How To Harvest Creative Juices By Squishing Yuppie Brains

Take a video tour of the premiere brain-harvesting farm Creative Juices, in this adorable mockumentary. Creative Juices takes some of the most brilliant minds and squeezes out all of their best ideas for profit. This scrappy start-up company has all types of creative minds growing on its farm, including television writers, online marketing whizzes and even some fascinating hybrids that can yield great ideas, but also drive you "as mad as a badger." Check out the full tour below.

Harvesting creative juices is delicate work, they say: "Being creative people, it's important that they get a lot of praise and massage their egos — especially before the harvest." Creative Juices has been used on many prominent companies. Check out their website for more information and details on how to get a home presser so you can grow and slaughter your own brains. [via Core 77]


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