Learn How to Do Your Cooking In Darth Vader's Head

Anyone can have a regular wood-burning stove. Want to put a stamp on your backyard? Then you can customize it to look like your favorite metal-based characters.

Instructables user doddieszoomer has a variety of these how-tos available: Witch King of Angmar, R2-D2, two different Darth Vaders, Stormtrooper, and Iron Man. The instructions for all of them tend to boil down to these basic steps:

  1. Find a propane tank.
  2. Draw the appropriate design.
  3. Cut out the shape
  4. Customize by welding on scrap metal
  5. Paint.

More specific instructions are obviously all on doddieszoomer's page, but we find the Vader to be particularly awesome/terrifying.


[via Super Cool Robots]

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