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Learn How American Horror Story: Hotel Created its Scariest Monster

Illustration for article titled Learn How iAmerican Horror Story: Hotel/i Created its Scariest Monster

As you count down the minutes to tonight’s American Horror Story: Hotel finale, feast your peepers on this clip highlighting the work of the show’s talented makeup crew. You’ll get your longest look yet at a character who has thus far has made only brief, yet horrifying, appearances: the Addiction Demon.


Two big takeaways. First, the lanky actor who plays said demon must have zero claustrophobia issues. And second, the monster’s full-body suit is meant to resemble exactly what you thought it does: a clammy, wet, used condom. Eeek!

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I started watching this show thinking that the Addiction Demon, with all the hullaballoo before the show aired, would be running around doing all kinds of messed up shit to the characters, but I haven’t seen him since the first episode. What did I miss?