Leaks From Starbuck's Mouth For Season Four

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Katee "Starbuck" Sackhoff was in Burbank for a Battlestar Galactica convention over the weekend, and her tongue was loose enough to let slip a few rumors and spoilers during some Q&A sessions. Find out if Starbuck is a Cylon, and why we'll be seeing Colonel Tigh's wife again in Season Four.

According to http://roadrunnerdm.livejournal.com/84288.html">Ro…:

  • Starbuck will be locked up in the brig for "some time." Not exactly the sort of reception you'd expect for returning from the dead.
  • Leoben will be back in Starbuck's life, and they'll be spending some quality time together on a beach... on Earth. At least they won't have to jockey for a good spot on the sand.
  • Starbuck will have a lot more scenes with Laura Roslin, and with the Cylon ladies as well. One thing Starbuck has never really done is have a girl's night out.
  • Starbuck believes that she is a Cylon, although Katee herself doesn't buy it. One thing is for sure, if Starbuck turns out to be a Cylon, half the audience will have expected it, and the other half will be searching for Ron Moore's house with torches.
  • Kate Vernon will be reprising her role as Ellen Tigh, although she's not the 12th Cylon. Since Saul has always been torn up about having to kill her, this will most likely be some sort of guilty flashbacks coming from the bottom of a bottle.
  • Lee Adama is still a civilian in season four, although it's unclear if that means for the whole season or not. After the way he resigned last season, it's hard to see him putting a uniform back on. Of course, that doesn't stop him from hopping into a Viper whenever he feels like it and taking off.
  • She also made it fairly definitive that she won't be coming back to Bionic Woman at all, strike or not. Apparently there is no love lost between her and series star Michelle Ryan.

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