Leaked Terminator 4 Ending Is False, Says Director

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That rumor we posted earlier today? About what happens to John Connor in Terminator 4? It's totally not true, says director McG in a new entry on his production blog. "By the way, there are only three people who know the ending," he says. And then he tries to change the subject with some info on the cyborgs that will, really and truly, be making Connor's life miserable in the new movie. Details after the jump.


McG describes the new robot attackers in the post Judgment Day world as:

Hydrobots that patrol the water, Transports that move human prisoners around, Harvesters that collect human beings as lab rats for Skynet and Aerostats that survey all that is going on with the resistance the world over.


The T-600 is a bigger nastier version of the T-800 that packs a mini gun with a big kick to it. McG explains that the T-600s are "eight-foot tall killers that prowl the badlands looking for anything with a heartbeat to terminate."

Sounds amazing, McG. The more bots the better. Especially ones that run freaky tests on helpless humans. But unfortunately, the notion of human test-subjects only seem to reinforce the idea that the character Marcus is a endo-Terminator (part man part Terminator) who eventually becomes John Connor. [One Possible Future]

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Dr. Spaceman, Esq.

McG's directing? So the movie will be a barely-connected series of setpieces? Each explosion bigger and more pointless than the last.