When a certain superhero meets his end in DC's Final Crisis, it means a return for a favored comic trope: The superhero team that's pissed off and willing to get their hands dirty when they fight back. What's different about this latest incarnation of the bad new superbears? Well, it's the all-new Justice League, as written by the writer of the extraordinarily bad League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie.

James Robinson, who's better known in comic circles for his critically-acclaimed Starman and The Golden Age series than his screenplay for the unsuccessful adaptation of Alan Moore's literary pulp series, was given the keys to the kingdom by DC when it came to choosing which characters get to frown while punching bad guys in the new Justice League book:

I remember this was at San Diego and they had a hospitality suite for DC. On the wall was a beautiful poster, I think it was done by Ron Garney, of all of the current DC characters running forward. And Dan [DiDio, DC Executive Editor] literally said, 'These are the ones that I'd like you to use,' and then said, 'I know one of the things you are known for is finding those obscure characters and bringing them to life. So throw in a couple of those characters too.' And that was it.


That's how we find big name characters like Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Supergirl and Captain Marvel (that'll be the one who shouts "Shazam!" and gets called "The Big Red Cheese" by his fans, in case you're confused) on the same team as Ray Palmer, Starman and everyone's second favorite forgotten lesbian superhero, Batwoman. Oh, and Congorilla. Fancy explaining Congorilla, James?

Congorilla's basically a magical, seven-foot tall, golden gorilla. But he has the intelligence and the sophistication of a big game hunter, who has lived for 90 years... At the same time, because he is in a gorilla's body, the golden gorilla's physical demands mean when he is challenged, he's this savage, exciting jungle predator. So that's why I stress that he's magical, and I am probably ripping off a million characters here, but it's occurred to me if he takes on Deadshot, all Deadshot needs to do, it doesn't matter if he's a seven-foot tall gorilla or not, is shoot Congorilla and he's dead. So the whole concept of this big game hunter, who became this big gorilla and could originally go back and forth, doesn't work. So now he is basically stuck as Congorilla and he's magical, I am giving him sort of a healing factor, which will allow him to survive against that type of foe. That makes him just that much more formidable if you can't eliminate quickly.

Yes, that's right: The new, grumpy Justice League will have a magical healing gorilla on their team while they kick ass and forget to take names.

Suddenly, I feel that they have your attention.

The comic debuts later this year.

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