Lazor Wulf's Space Ghost Riff Needs His Own Talk Show

Cpase Ghoul hosting his show.
Cpase Ghoul hosting his show.
Screenshot: Adult Swim

In the era of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic making it difficult for many Hollywood productions to take place safely with everyone together physically, animation presents a number of unique advantages, as creative teams don’t have to be in close proximity to one another in order to make new things. Lazor Wulf is one of the newest entries that we’re excited about.

Lazor Wulf recently returned to Adult Swim for its second season and began streaming on HBO Max just in time for everyone to settle into the winter holidays, and while the latest chapter of Strongburg’s story is still unfolding, a new ad for the show makes a very, very strong case for a Space Ghost-inspired spinoff.

Lazor Wulf’s “Cpase Ghoul” promos introduce you to the show’s cast and a new character, Cpase Ghoul, who exists somewhere between Lazor Wulf’s twisted world and our own. Much as the ad works to sell Lazor Wulf, it’s easy to see how a Cpase Ghoul series aping Space Ghost Coast to Coast would work perfectly as a standalone were Adult Swim trying to think of ways to tap into the Space Ghost IP without simply resurrecting the old series.


Lazor Wulf’s second season airs Sundays on Adult Swim.

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