Lazor Wulf's Season 2 Premiere Is Not Endorsed by Jermajesty Jackson

Jermajesty Jackson telling it like it is.
Jermajesty Jackson telling it like it is.
Screenshot: Adult Swim

There’s no telling whether Jermajesty Jackson actually knows what Adult Swim’s Lazor Wulf is, which is why it reasonable to assume that he wouldn’t endorse the show’s second season. That might change if he watched it, though.


After dying, coming back to life, and ultimately learning that there’s no sense in trying to reason with the pompous god living above Strongburg or their rabid, absentee father, Lazor Wulf and his siblings Blazor and Canon return in season two ready to get what’s theirs by any means necessary. Along with their friends Stupid Horse and Yeti, the wolves are going to try to scam their way to power in at least one of their adventures. But if Lazor Wulf’s first season was any indication, the wolves’ scheme is only going to last but so long before one of them fumbles the bag and ends up landing them all on their asses.

Lazor Wulf’s second season hits Adult Swim on December 6.

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