Lawyers, Accountants Still Watching The Watchmen

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Next month will see a mediation between Warner Bros. and producer Larry Gordon. The issue to be settled? Just how much Watchmen's legal troubles will cost both parties... and who will be paying Fox.


May 13th has been set as the date for both sides to meet with mediator Daniel Weinstein to discuss whether or not Gordon - whose failure to secure the rights to the comic properly, before offering them to Warners, caused the legal trouble in the first place - owes money to Warners or even Fox as a result of the lawsuit. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warners are seeking full reimbursement for their costs as a result of the affair, while Gordon's attorneys are claiming that Warners are at fault because they made the movie despite being told that the rights issue may be a problem.

Whatever the settlement, still unsolved will be exactly how much Fox will make from the movie; due to Watchmen's underperformance at the box office, analysts expect the amount to be somewhere around 5% of the film's proceeds, with Warners and Gordon both having to contribute towards that amount.


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Does this include the DVD and Blu-ray sales when they are put out? I think that will bring in a lot money. I know I will be buying it.