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Laura Vandervoort reveals the sexy werewolf secrets of Syfy's Bitten

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Are you tired of watching vampires hump each other's brains out? Are you ready for a totally different set of horny monsters? Well, wait until you get a load of Syfy's hot new Bitten series starring the astoundingly gorgeous Laura Vandervoort and a whole pack of hot, bearded wolf men. We got all the details on this show, straight from Vandervoort herself.


Spoilers ahead...

The series is supernatural soap at the highest level centered around the only female werewolf on the planet — how did she get that way? Because of a guy. Vandervoort plays the spirited Elena, who has ditched her pack for the lone wolf life in Toronto. But suppressing the wolf inside tends to be difficult when every time you get hot and bothered, you want to rip off your clothes, turn into a wolf and run naked through the city streets. Elena is eventually called back to the pack due to a werewolf emergency and there we get to meet her abandoned sexy pack-brothers. Who also spend a lot of time shirtless and running around in the woods naked, and eating sandwiches (because wolves get hungry).


The sex scenes are hot, and everyone is beautiful — so thus far, we are entertained. And thankfully we got to talk to show star Laura Vandervoort to find out what ELSE we should be looking for on this series besides beautiful naked people rolling around like animals in front of a fire.

And apparently, there's a whole lot more. Find out for yourself, below!

You and this pack of guys have such great chemistry? Was that instant or did it take some time to find a vibe between the group? It's very apparent.

Laura Vandervoort: I think we all just got really lucky, everyone is normal and down to Earth. The guys just adore one another. We really didn't have to work with at it, everyone just had great chemistry. Once I had signed on [to the series] I was a part of the chemistry read, so that was great and I also got to be a part of the casting. It was great I was able to be in the room and see who I worked well off of and who I worked well with. And it just all came together.

Let's go ahead and break down the werewolf rules. Every good supernatural monster has a great set of rules, so what are the werewolf rules on Bitten?


There are two types of wolves on Bitten. There are the Mutts, and they are the wolves that don't abide by any pack rule. They run around and kill whoever they want, whenever they want. And a lot of the Mutts are men who are psychotic murderers and just horrible, horrible people who have been turned. They are the people to avoid. They are the pack's enemy and they are the ones who are causing the trouble for us this season.

Whereas, our pack is very civilized. We do not kill humans, let alone kill unless it's to survive and eat. They are very civilized, they live in a home together. They have a pack Alpha (played by Greg Bryk). Wach one of them have their own tasks. Some of our characters their fathers are in the pack. Elena, however, grew up in foster care system. She never knew about this before, eventually (when she goes to University) she falls in love with her professor (it's the first time she let's anyone in) and he ends up turning her by biting her. You don't find out until the end of the season why he does it, but she just feels betrayed. Especially since this was the first time she opened up to someone. She doesn't want to be a part of the pack, and she's trying to suppress the animal within [so she leaves the pack] and moves to Toronto. But she can't deny the instincts within her to be with her pack.


They say over and over again during the pilot that Elena is the "best tracker." What is it about her personality that makes her a good tracker?

I don't know if it's a personality thing as much as just a developed skill or ability. [One member of the pack] is the best hunter, the best killer, the best tracker. I think just because she doesn't want to kill, and she doesn't have the size of the men, some of her other senses are heightened. I think she's the best at taking in her surroundings, putting clues together. She's more methodical than say Craig [from the pack] who is more muscle. But the other asset is that she's the only female in the world that is a werewolf. And no other pack in the world has someone that is like her. So she becomes a desirable werewolf to the Mutts who want to make the most pure bred werewolf with her. Also she's just so rare and unique that people want to be near her. And that causes a danger to the pack. Which is also an asset to them at the same time. They have a woman in the house — she's nurturing but she's definitely a bad-ass momma. She can protect them when she needs to.

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Are you glad that the werewolves in Bitten ended up looking much more wolf-like than monsterish? Did you have any input in their creation?


Off the top, I spoke to the Executive Producer before I started with the project and signed on and that was one of the things I asked them. This show is obviously more than werewolves but that is an important aspect to the show, how will they look, how are they doing them? They said right off the bat that they want them to be life size, like any other wolf would be. It's not a mythical show it's not a fantasy or fairy tale show they aren't ginormous creatures. If they were were running down the Toronto street, you might mistake it for a stray dog. That brings it down to reality. Another cool thing is that they also have the actors eyes on the wolf. They scanned our eyeballs and our faces to have them manipulated onto the wolves. And they could maintain our expressions and eyes on the actual wolf.

Every classic werewolf movie or show has a transformation scene. How did you go about finding your transformation scene for your character?


It was a collaboration — none of us had done that before it was obviously new territory. I think it was the first day. I got there, I think all of us had to do a change scene — no pun intended, because we weren't wearing anything. It was a collaboration, asking the producers what it sounds like, what it looks like what stage of her life is she at when she's doing this change? Elena's change is obviously more painful. She can't control it, it's excruciating almost on the verge of wanting to kill yourself. Which is why it's interesting that she survived because any female who had been bitten previously had committed suicide or died during the first change. The first change that we did you think of your appendix exploding and your heart stopping and your back breaking. Thinking about all of those things and vocalizing it and also contorting your body to look like things are shifting around and your spine and your hind legs. So that's the only thing I can relate it to. The other guys, their characters have been doing it for years, so it's more a quick sound of agony and then they're done. But Elena struggles through it. But once it's all done it's a bit of a release it's peaceful [for the character]

Did you read the Otherworld books by Kelley Armstrong to prepare for this?

I read Bitten and then the Otherworlds before sort of deciding [to be in the show, along with] the first two scripts. Because I wanted to know the background for the guys. Bitten really delves into Elena's life which was fantastic and great studying material, but I also wanted to know about the other pack members, because they have this crazy family tree. So I definitely used those as a tool. And our writers went even more in depth with her and her character and her history. It's a really rich character, and there are so many episodes where we go back in time and we get to see what she's been through.

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There were a lot of steamy scenes in the first two episodes that I watched in Bitten. Are we going to continue to see more steamy scenes throughout the rest of the series?


The show definitely is more of an adult audience. It's very Sopranos and True Blood. There's definitely a lot of sex appeal to it. You also have to remember that they are animals, there's the animal lust for one another and Elena is trying to suppress that. She doesn't want to be near [one character] but they are very much drawn together. So that's very intense. There will be a lot of that, and you have characters that are very sexual. That's definitely an aspect to the show.

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