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More original Twin Peaks cast mates are joining Special Agent Dale Cooper and co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost for the 25th anniversary series return of Twin Peaks. This is awesome.


Actress Sheryl Lee (whom we all know and love as the famous Laura Palmer AND Maddy Ferguson) announced with additional cast member actor Dana Ashbook (who played Bobby Briggs) that they both would be back for the 2016 Showtime series. I'm so happy.

They announced it at a UK festival for Twin Peaks lovers, admitting that they got the OK from Lynch himself first. And they also heavily implied that Sherilyn Fenn may also return as Audrey. So basically, your childhood is happening all over again. Hell yes. Also, if you haven't watched Twin Peaks, which is available on Netflix right now, what are you doing with your life?


Below is the announcement:


Here's the FULL video from the Twin Peaks UK Festival. If you want to watch it in it's entirety.

[via Slashfilm]


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